If anything, racism became more overt after a black president was elected. A large contingency of Asshole-Americans suddenly decided that the power dynamic had shifted substantially enough that they no longer had to speak their racist minds in hushed tones around only trusted confidantes. It’s disingenuous shitbirdism… » 4/29/15 9:13am Wednesday 9:13am

Is D.Chap grossly overrated? Perhaps. Is he the most overrated? I don’t think so. In the grand scheme of things (e.g. The audience at large, not just comedy buffs) that mantle still belongs to Dane Cook, who was this generation’s Jeff Foxworthy (without the wit) and Andrew Dice Clay (without the charm) rolled into one. » 4/27/15 8:45am 4/27/15 8:45am

Generally it’s either that, or a “dry” event with shitty pizza where you’re forced to run through a gauntlet of shitlord VP’s and Regional Managers who are twisting your arm to tithe 15% of your annual salary to the United Way under the guise of “teamwork” and possibly a free paid half-day off if the rest of the dopes… » 4/21/15 10:24pm 4/21/15 10:24pm

Not to cast a jaundiced eye on an already terrible situation, but I’d be willing to bet that the NRA is pushing for gun rights on most campuses, but probably not this particular campus, because the leadership and membership of America’s premier murder-tool manufacturers’ mouthpiece tends to skew highly (though not… » 4/20/15 10:21am 4/20/15 10:21am